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HVAC Equipment in Michigan

  • Fahrenheit Technologies, Inc.

    Manufacturer of biomass furnaces that provide heat from wood pellets, corn, cherry pits or other biomass fuel. Furnaces are self-cleaning offer low-maintenance operation. Features Autostart automatic ignition and FuelMizer™ fuel saver. UL 319 tested as an approved Supplementary or Central Furnace.
    State: MI
  • HTI

    HTI manufactures custom designed process equipment, specializing in biomass gasification/electric power generation systems that convert solid and semi solid biomass, such as animal manures, agricultural waste, solid waste from landfills, waste water treatment sludges, sewer sludges and hazardous waste material into a combustible syngas that can be used to power generators, dryers, heaters and cooling equipment.
    State: MI
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