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Solar Collectors in California

State: CA, FL, MD
Country: Canada
  • Heliodyne

    Heliodyne develops and manufactures solar collectors. The GOBI line of collectors is available in 3 sizes (4’ X 6’, 4’ X 8’, 4’ X 10’) to accommodate various system loads, as well as mounting-space limitations. Two absorber surface types (blue sputtered and black paint) are available depending on the regional climate the system is to be installed in. The GOBI collectors are certified to withstand 50lbs per square foot, constructed with an anodized aluminum frame and are SRCC and IAPMO rated.
  • SunEarth

    SunEarth manufactures four medium temperature liquid flat plate collectors for use in "active" or pumped residential and commercial solar water heating systems. They also manufacture two "passive" systems primarily intended for residential use that doesn't require mechanical pumps or thermostats for their operation; this includes a system coupling thermosiphon storage tank with SunEarth flat plate solar collectors. Other models of SunEarth collectors feature casing construction from 304 alloy stainless steel sheetmetal (making an ideal collector for coastal locations with constant exposure to salt spray); and collectors with anodized and non-adonized frame walls.
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