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CertainTeed Corporation

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  • in Ceilings

    Certain Teed Corporation is a manufacturer of ceiling systems including suspension systems and acoustical wall panels.  Produces are LEED certified.
  • in Decking, Fencing and Railing

    CertainTeed offers Galveston and Chesterfield style fencing, vinyl and EverNew decking, and Oxford, Edgewood, and EverNew vinyl railing. Railing can be ordered with routed or bracketed system, or with glass balusters system.

  • in Eco Roofing

    CertainTeed offers eco roofing for residential, low slope, solar, and export applications. Other products include roofing insulation, adhesives, coatings, primers, edge metal, underlayments, and more.

  • in Insulation

    CertainTeed offers a variety of insulation products, including fiberglass, spray foam, and stone wool (rock wool). Also offered are insulation products for mold prevention, and mechanical and industrial applications.

  • in Siding

    CertainTeed manufactures products specifically for certain parts of the United States and Canada. These products include vinyl, polymer siding and fiber cement siding. Their siding products can contribute to achieving NAHB National Green Building Standard credits as well as certain LEED credits.
  • in Windows & Doors

    CertainTeed offers NewCastle and NewBridge windows and doors for new construction, and BrynMawr and Devon style replacement windows and doors.