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Coatings, Paints, Sealants

State: AZ, BC, CA, MA, MD, MS, NC, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, VT, WI
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  • Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin-Williams offers a line of environmentally friendly products under the GreenSure designation. Greensure products offer maximum performance, long-term durability and the highest indoor air quality ratings.

  • Southern Diversified Products, LLC

    Manufacturer of high performance, environmentally friendly coatings. American Pride paints are Green Seal certified, are usually solvent-free (zero VOC), and never contain chemicals that are suspected carcinogens.
    State: MS
  • Ellsworth

    Ellsworth Adhesives is a distributor of low VOC, environmentally-friendly, sustainable adhesive, sealant and conformal coating green solutions from manufacturers including 3M, Dow and Eclectic Products products.
    State: WI
  • Ecological Coatings LLC

    Manufacturer and distributor of green, non-stick coatings, anti-graffiti coatings and paint. Each coating system is Water-based, Low VOC or Zero VOC and environmentally friendly.
    Clifton Park
    State: NY
  • Mythic Paint

    Mythic paint is a non-toxic, ultra low odor paint that provides the durability and coverage without the off-gassing VOC’s and cancer-causing toxins that emit years after drying.
    State: MS
  • Nutshell Natural Paints

    Nutshell Natural Paints are 100% ecological, and made from natural raw materials. They feature no VOCs, natural raw materials, alergy-free and are microporous.

  • Naturepaint

    Naturepaint is a safe natural ecological interior paint in powder packs. Naturepaint contains Zero VOCs and Toxins. Available in 97 colors.

  • Galtane

    Galtane manufactures natural paints and wood protection products made out of natural resources.
  • Tex Cote

    Tex Cote makes the Coolwall coating system, which meets requirements for LEED certification, providing energy savings by reducing interior temperatures thus reducing your need to use an air conditioning system.
  • Valspar Flurospar SR

    Valspar makes Flurospar SR solar reflective coatings for use on curtain walls, shutters, louvers, wall panels, and aluminum windows. Solar reflectance (per ASTM C1549) is 0.25 or greater and the product is applied through spray.
  • The Ultimate Coatings Company

    The Ultimate Coatings Company are state-of-the art low VOC (under 50 g/L). 100% acrylic, cool roof and cool exterior wall coatings which are LEED Credit Qualified and Energy Star Approved. Available products are, solar reflective (and thermal emissive) as well as being  available in a range of stock and custom-order colors. Primary products include Thermo-Seal(tm) and ECO-THERM(tm) Elastomeric.

    State: NV
  • Whole Log Lumber

    Whole Log Lumber is a distributor of WOCA Wood Finishing Products, representing their line of VOC- free, penetrating & hardening oils, as the green finishing complement they feel is best suited to the quality of their reclaimed wood products.

    State: NC
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