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Country: Canada, USA
  • Durisol Building Systems

    Durisol makes and sells insulated concrete forming systems for reinforced concrete walls which are made of eco-friendly materials ith no polystyrene, plastics, or foams as well as offering thermal insulation  and improved indoor air quality. Durisol ICFs are available with a standard R-8 thermal performance or a heightened range between R-14 and R-28 with their specialized thermal models.
    State: ON
  • Quad-Lock Building Systems

    Quad-Lock makes eco-friendly insulated concrete forms and retrofit building insulation that can help you attain a LEED certification. Their products include Quad-Lock ICFs for walls, with true R-Values of 22, 30, 38, 45, 53, 61 and more; Quad-Deck ICFs for floors,  roofs, and tilt-up, with R-Values from R-16 to R-34; and R-ETRO insulating system, with an R-Value of R-18.

    State: BC
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