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State: CA, IA, IL, MN, MO, MT, NM, OK
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  • National Paving Co.

    National Paving is a company that has formulated a sustainable asphalt with long term solutions prolonging the life of repairs and installations.  Extending the lifespan of your asphalt eliminates unnecessary expenditures caused by temporary fixes while raising the return on your investment.
    State: CA
  • Greenway Recycled Pavers

    Greenway Recycled Pavers is a certified Vast paver installer.  Vast composite pavers uses an innovative interlocking grid system that dramatically decreases water runoff. The open joints created by the interlocking grid system, when filled with sand or small stones over a graded base, have been independently tested to absorb over 400 inches of water per hour. 
    State: MN
  • Solid Earth Inc

    Solid Earth Inc. has refined U.S. military approved techniques into a process that relies on completely biodegradable products to super harden dirt roads.  Their methods include the use of a high tech version of white glue to produce powerful bonds between soil and aggregates with the result of a durable, water resistant, and flexible solid mass.  Once it is cured it leaves the landscape appearing untouched and natural.  
    State: MT
  • VAST Enterprises LLC

    VAST Enterprises manufactures composite material able to replace concrete in walkways. VAST Composite Pavers can contribute to LEED™ Green Building credits in areas of Construction Waste Management, use of regional materials, Stormwater Design, Heat Island Effect, Innovative Design and Recycled Content. Their products are made from up to 95% recycled materials. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council VAST is able to contribute to LEED credits for new construction (LEED-NC) and existing buildings pojects (LEED-EB).
    State: MN
  • Elmwood Reclaimed Lumber

    Elmwood Reclaimed Timber focuses on reclaimed recycled building materials. Among their products they offer antique brick pavers reclaimed from sidewalks, streets, stockyards and old buildings.
    Kansas City
    State: MO
  • Graniterock

    Graniterock’s Recycle Division provides a portable screening plant that can be set up to produce reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and other aggregate products for use as components of Hot mix asphalt (HMA). RAP is old pavement that is reclaimed and processed for use again. The RAP asphalt binder is reheated and used in place of a portion of the virgin asphalt, which lowers cost and conserves petroleum resources.
    State: CA
  • Gavin Historical Bricks

    Gavin Historical Bricks offers antique bricks and cobblestones for driveways, walkways, floors, walls and other stone masonry projects for residential, landscaping, and commercial projects. Their antique brick includes granite cobbletsontes, brick whether that be common or firebricks, and custom blends of their antique brick products for customer sought color range or look.
    Iowa City
    State: IA
  • Rubbersidewalks Inc

    Rubbersidewalks Inc manufactures TERREWALKS, 100% recycled interlocking sidewalk paving system. It alleviates infrastructure costs due to broken sidewalks caused by growth of tree root systems. The non-concrete pedestrian pavement is made from recycled tire rubber and waste plastic. Their products can earn LEED credits for the areas of Recycled Content, Regional Materials, Storm water Design, Heat Island Effect, and Innovation in Design.
    State: CA
  • SemGroup

    SemMaterial offers a system of asphalt recycling for use in road rehabilitiation and construction. Services as part of their Recycle Plus System include evaluation of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) for such criteria as consistency and aggregate qaulity, use of emulsified asphalt and manufacture of product to the needs of each individual project. Their cold mix ashpalt can be designed for placement with the available laydown equipment to be used.
    State: OK
  • Milestone Imports

    Milestone Imports is a manufacturer of paving stones in a wide array of sizes and shapes for sidewalks and cobblestone street ways. Milestone Imports' pavers are made from unique porphyry stone which is quarried from a vary limited number of places. Porphyry has been known and used since ancient Assyrian-Babylonian, Egyptian and Roman discovered its usefulness and its density which prevents it from absorbing virtually any water at all.

    Santa Fe
    State: NM
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