Bedding Category

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Bedding in California

State: CA, CO, NY
Country: USA
  • EcoChoices

    EcoChoices sells various bedding products that are made in environmentally friendly ways involving organically grown materials that are better for the earth as no pesticides are used. Some of their products include blankets, comforters, sheets, pillows, mattresses, and more.
    State: CA
  • Keesta

    Keetsa makes a line of bedding products made from eco-friendly materials without the use of bleaching and dyeing. Products include mattresses, pillows, sheets, protectors, bed foundations and frames, and comforters.
    San Francisco
    State: CA
  • Green Home

    Green Home sells a variety of bedding options made from organic and natural materials including sustainable wood bed frames, blankets, mattresses, pillowcases, pillows, sheets, futons, comforters, and baby bedding.
    San Francisco
    State: CA
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