Eco-Friendly Furniture Category

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Eco-Friendly Furniture in New York

State: CA, MI, MN, NC, NH, NY, OH, OR, PA, TX, WA
Country: UK, USA
  • Harden Furniture Inc

    Harden Furniture makes furniture built with materials harvested using sustainable forestry techniques that ensure the health and growth of forests for future generations. Harden offers ten unique furniture collections to suit every style from classic to contemporary.
    State: NY
  • Vivavi Inc

    Vivavi manufactures furniture for residential applications and workspaces with a commitment to a healthier environment. Created with organic, non-toxic, renewable, reclaimed and recycled materials, all of our products are designed to merge modern style with eco-awareness. 
    New York
    State: NY
  • Brave Space Design

    Brave Space Design is a Brooklyn based manufacturer of sustainable home furnishings such as desks and tables, storage fixtures, bookcases, chairs and dining sets.
    State: NY
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