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State: IL, IN
Country: Austrailia, USA
  • KONE US & Canada

    KONE, as an elevator and escalator company offers eco-efficient solutions that include elevators which conserve energy as well as solutions which recover breaking energy and convert it into electricity ( 25% of energy used by an elevator can be recovered). By use of these systems as wells as features like LED lights, analysis for People Flow of building, and modernization of systems, LEED contribution is possible in the areas of Energy & Atmosphere, Innovation & Design and compliant with EQ Low Emitting materials.

    State: IL
  • Otis Elevator Company

    Otis offers the Gen2 system: elevators powered by a gearless machine, permanent-magnet synchronous motor. The feature of the system is a flexible, flat polyurethane-coated steel belt which replaces the conventional traction steel rope, as a longer lasting belt which also cuts down on the metal-to-metal wear, systems operating costs and energy use. Gen2 models range in applications from low- to mid-rise residential and commercial to high-rise luxury.
  • Rotary Lift

    Rotary Lift offers a fully contained inground lift. With features like a 60% recycled polymer housing, bio-fluid compatibility, full containment in 6’ deep steel enclosure traps oil inside the containment housing and keeps ground water out. EnviroGuard™ coating protects the system from electrolysis and other contaminates.
    State: IN
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