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Playground Equipment in Georgia

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  • Spencer Creek Recreational Products

    Spencer Creek Recreational Products sells and installs environmentally friendly playground equipment and surfacing as well as offering design services, made of 99% recycled post consumer plastics. Their products include small, medium, and large structures as well as swings and swing-sets, benches, and tables.
  • Safeplay Systems

    Custom-designed to meet each customer’s unique requirements, EcoPlay® Playgrounds from Safeplay Systems are manufactured from post-consumer, recycled HDPE plastic (milk jugs). The average play structure keeps 30,000 milk jugs out of landfill. EcoPlay is impermeable to water, cannot be eaten by insects, never needs painting or sealing, and won’t splinter, crack, swell, or rust – making it virtually maintenance free. EcoPlay Playgrounds are also PVC-FREE - and have been for over 19 years. All EcoPlay Playgrounds meet or exceed ASTM, CPSC and ADA guidelines for safety and accessibility.

    State: GA
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