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Recycled Plastic Products in California

State: CA, FL, IA, IL, KS, MI, MN, OH, ON, WI
Country: Canada, China, UK, USA
  • Eagle One

    Eagle One Products designs and manufactures environmentally friendly, durable and aesthetic products for use on golf courses, resorts, hotels and restaurants.  They manufacture outdoor furniture, deck and storage boxes, rope and chain, trash receptacles and much more.
    State: CA
  • MBA Polymers

    MBA has developed an automated process to recover plastics and other materials from durable good streams containing commingled materials.  The company accepts shredded materials from a variety of sources and converts that material to high value engineering plastics for reuse in similar applications. Other materials, such as ferrous and nonferrous metals, are typically recovered and recycled through local recyclers.
    State: CA
  • Sustainable Plastic + Fiber

    Sustainable Plastic + Fiber manufactures sustainable utensils.  Their utensils are 100% bio-based, made from annually renewable resources, heat stable to 220°F and ompostable, meeting international standard ISO 14851.  They also manufacture Bagasse tableware.  These products are molded from pulp made from sugarcane stalk, called bagasse, an agricultural by-product.  Heat resistant and microwavable, provide an excellent moisture and grease barrier and FDA approved and compostable.
    San Francisco
    State: CA