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Country: Canada, USA
  • Engineered Products

    Engineered Products designs and manufactures sustainable and returnable skid system for companies specific products or components.
    State: SC
  • Diamond Packaging

    Diamond Greenbox was developed as an initiative to research, design and implement packaging solutions that are innovative and sustainable.
    State: NY
  • Roberts PolyPro

    Roberts PolyPro provides bottle handles and carriers, carton handles and carriers, hooks for poly bags and custom plastic solutions.  Most of Robert Polypro's raw materials come from 100% recyclable high density polyethylene.  During the manufacturing process, they reuse scraps and reduce waste. Their products are made with less plastic and use a design which allows for 75% thinner handles. Their packaging allows for reduced shipping space and storage space.  Robert Polypro's plastic products help maintian recycleable end products when used in conjunction with most rigid plastic containers.
    State: NC
  • Macaran

    Macaran is part of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition which encourages economic prosperity and sustainable flow of materials. They have also upgraded their lighting and manufacturing equipment which has helped reduce their energy use by 20%. Macaran provides labels and labeling equipment.
    State: NY
  • Placon

    Placon offers custom packaging, thermoform packaging and also offers 150 clamshell sizes for stock packages.  Placon has been using recycled products since 1974 and concentrates on smaller packaging, less packaging and recycled packaging.
    State: WI
  • Alpha Packaging

    Alpha Packaging manufactures plastic bottles and jars made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) and they make performs and bottles from polymerized lactic acid (PLA) which is a corn based resin.  Their products are for the pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, personal care and niche food and beverage markets.
    St. Louis
    State: MS
  • Transparent Container

    Transparent Containers is a "zero waste" manufacturer and recycles all of their scrap. Their goal is a "cradle to cradle" process to keep plastic out of the landfills. Most of their material is recycled and more is becoming post-consumer recycled material.  They avoid over-packaging and design packages easier for the consumer to recycle it.  Transparent Containers manufactures clear packaging offering blisters, trays, clamshells, folding cartons, rounds, lids/boxes, drums, tri-folds and custom thermoforming.
    State: IL
  • American Packaging Corp

    American Packaging Corp is a packaging converter that services food, beverage, medical, personal care, household, pet food, agriculture chemicals, lawn and garden and other specialty markets.  They have made plant improvements and equipment upgrades used to improve energy efficiencies and minimize VOC emissions. They have installed energy efficient lighting and use green focus equipment.  American Packaging Corp has started a recycling program that has resulted in a 70% landfill reduction.
    State: NY
  • Berry Plastics

    Berry Plastics has created Green Teams at a variety of their plants with the goal to reduce energy consumption, VOC emissions, raw material consumption and waste creation.  Berry Plastics uses recyclable packages for their wide variety of packaging and packaging materials. They manufacture bottles, containers, closures, trash bags, stretch film and many other packaging products. 
    State: IN
  • EPI

    Environmental Packaging International is a consultancy specializing in compliance with EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) laws for packaging, batteries and electronics.  They also offer customized regulatory tracking, research and compliance management services.
    State: RI
  • Haney PRC

    Haney PRC is a supply chain for package development. The company works to reduce waste, reuse resources and recycle and reduce energy throughout the package development process. They are a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.
    State: OH
  • Fabri-Kal

    Fabri-Kal offers custom plastic packaging for food service and consumer goods packaging markets. They offer stock products including plastic cups, bowls, containers, lids, and trays for beverage and deli foods. Part of Fabri-Kal's mission is to manage operations and create products in a safe and enviromentally responsible manner.
    State: MI
  • Imex

    Imex supplies cosmetic, textile and custom bags and packaging. Imex is a member of the Sutainable Packaging Coalition and uses clear films, man-made "green" fibers and natural fibers.
    State: NC
  • Green Packaging, Inc.

    All of Green Packaging Inc's products are recycled or recyclable. The company is a member of One Percent for the Planet which donates one percent of their annual sales to environmental charities.  They also support The National Arbor Day Foundation and The Sierra Club. Green Packaging Inc's products include VCI corrosion inhibitors, glove guard corrugated boxes, globe guard air pillows, prarie eco paks, biodegradeable corn starch packing peanuts, paper nuts and biodegradeable and compostable polybags.
    State: PA
  • Be Green Packaging

    Be Green Packaging, LLC designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes tree free compostable food containers such as bowls, plates, clamshells, and trays for the food service, deli, vegetable, meat, fish, and poultry industries.
    Santa Barbara
    State: CA
  • Starch Tech

    Starch tech manufactures packaging material which is starch-based, biodegradable packing peanut that dissolves with water or in a compost setting.
    State: MN
  • Tahoe Green

    Tahoe Green sells and distributes biodegradable and compostable food service packaging, containers, bags and more. Tahoe Green's products are made from PLA and Bagasse. PLA is a polylactide made from lactic acid which is derived from dextrose. This substance is made into a 100% biodegradeable corn plastic. Bagasse is made from sugar cane. It is a heat tolerant paper like substance that fully composts in 45-60 days.
  • Green Packaging Design

    Green Packaging Design focuses on biodegradable, reusable and recyclable packaging. Among others, they use products that are made from biodegradable starch based materials, wood fibers and sugar cane.  Their products include displays, food packaging, pallets, promotional items, protective packaging, retail packaging, reusable cases and void fillers.
  • FP International

    FP International has energy reduction programs for their manufacturing plants, they limit their waste and use 99% of their manufacturing scrap.  FP International uses Biodegradable SUPER 8 loosefill which is the only biodegradable loosefill made from 100% recycled polystyrene and decomposes fully in 9-60 months. They also use Cell-O air cushions which are also biodegradable in 9-60 months.
    Redwood City
    State: CA
  • Delta Paper

    Delta Paper manufactures paper nuts to fill empty spaces in boxes. Paper nuts are made with 100% recycled material and are recyclable.
    State: NJ
  • Blue Lotus

    Blue Lotus makes 100% organic cotton reusable produce bags and grocery tote bags.
    State: CA
  • Green Good

    Green Good produces 100% biodegradable and compostable food service disposables.  Their PLA products are cups, lids, bowls, containers, trays and cutlery. Their CPLA products include lids, trays, mugs and cutlery. Their Sugar Cane products are plates, bowls, hinged lids and trays.
    State: CA
  • Green Tooth

    Green Tooth provides biodegradable food and drink service items. They provide cold cups and lids, hot cups and lids, food containers, food plates, trays, bowls, barrel bowls and lids, deli sheets, pan liners, cookie bags, utensils and bags.
    San mateo
    State: CA
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