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Sustainable Packaging Products

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Country: Canada, USA
  • FP International

    FP International has energy reduction programs for their manufacturing plants, they limit their waste and use 99% of their manufacturing scrap.  FP International uses Biodegradable SUPER 8 loosefill which is the only biodegradable loosefill made from 100% recycled polystyrene and decomposes fully in 9-60 months. They also use Cell-O air cushions which are also biodegradable in 9-60 months.
    Redwood City
    State: CA
  • Go Green Packaging

    Go Green Packaging minimizes product waste, engineers food packaging to focus on source reduction and uses green solutions and materials when possible. Go Green's products come from materials that are either fully biodegradable or made with less energy than other similar products. Go Green Packaging provides packaging for a variety of food products such as ready meals, steam packaging, case ready and seafood and fresh produce.
  • Delta Paper

    Delta Paper manufactures paper nuts to fill empty spaces in boxes. Paper nuts are made with 100% recycled material and are recyclable.
    State: NJ
  • Blue Lotus

    Blue Lotus makes 100% organic cotton reusable produce bags and grocery tote bags.
    State: CA
  • Carrie Cups

    Carrie Cups has a GreenGood line that is biodegradable disposable food service items made from PLA, CPLA, sugar cane or recycled paper. Their products range from cups with lids, hinged lid boxes, bowls, and plates platters and trays.
  • Green Disposables

    All of Green Disposables products are 100% biodegradable food service products. Their products include everything from cutlery and napkins to hinged boxes and flexi-straws.
  • Green Good

    Green Good produces 100% biodegradable and compostable food service disposables.  Their PLA products are cups, lids, bowls, containers, trays and cutlery. Their CPLA products include lids, trays, mugs and cutlery. Their Sugar Cane products are plates, bowls, hinged lids and trays.
    State: CA
  • Green Tooth

    Green Tooth provides biodegradable food and drink service items. They provide cold cups and lids, hot cups and lids, food containers, food plates, trays, bowls, barrel bowls and lids, deli sheets, pan liners, cookie bags, utensils and bags.
    San mateo
    State: CA
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