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  • Adroit Construction Company

    Adroit Construction Company currently employees two LEED certified team members. Adroit is active in recycling wood materials and detailed reuse planning; use of alternative fuels on select equipment in sensitive locations; and implementing and maintaining proper erosion control plans; plus separating refuse materials to facilitate recycling. As a general contract construction company Adroit builds everything from medical centers, libraries, schools, recreational facilities and churches, to industrial buildings, banks, retail stores, airplane hangers and detention centers.

  • JE Dunn Construction

    JE Dunn currently has over 200 LEED™ accredited professionals on staff. Their LEED projects have included a correctional facility in Oregon, Dallas Fire Station No. 38, corporate offices, a middle school in Georgia designed for LEED™ Silver certification, residential high rises, and medical offices in Denver, Colorado. Their sustainable construction activities include planning and design for responsible land usage, utilization of natural light and other energy efficiency applications, use of recycled materials and water-efficient landscaping.
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