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Solar Lights in New York

State: CA, FL, NY
  • Silicon Solar Inc

    Silicon Solar offers solar lights including security lights, solar spot lights, garden lights, landscape lights, post lights, step lights, and deck and patio lights.  The solar services center provides custom and OEM product design for those customer applications where their standard products fail to meet specifications.

  • Savant Solar

    Savant Energy manufactures solar street lights.  They offer six different models with either single or double bulbs.  The pole heights range from 6-8 meters and 65Wp-150Wp.  All solar panels have a 25 year lifespan and 12V 120-200Ah batteries with 5-8 years of life.  The operation voltage of all 6 models have DC24V operation voltages and 50,000 hours of lamp life.  During rainy days, the lamp can stay lit from 3-5+ days.  The designed sun radiation ranges from 5KWH/M- 7KWH/M.
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