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Biodiesel Processors in UK

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  • Biodiesel Experts Europe

    BioDiesel Experts Europe makes the Precision Biodiesel processors, for use in medium scale applications, with the ability to make from 380 liters to 2,270 liters in 8 hours as well as a system capable to make 2,270 liters in just three hours. They also make centrifuges and dry wash systems.

  • Ecotec Resources UK

    EcoTec Resources makes the Etruk biodiesel processors for use by schools, colleges, medium sized businesses, individuals, and farmers. Their systems run from a 50 liter capacity to 200 liters, with their larger systems available with an additional 200 liter capacity post processing tank to increase production. They also make an Ion Exchange Resin Tower dry wash system.

    Bamber Bridge
  • Fenland Bio-Diesel Processors

    Fenland Bio-Diesel Processors makes steel tanked processors that produce from 50 to 400 liters in 6 hours (require only 45 minutes of manual controls). Additionally they can make custom sized processors to any capacity specification.

    Outwell, Wisbech
  • Green Fuels LTD

    Green Fuels Ltd. makes domestic, small scale commercial, and large scale commercial biodiesel processors including full automated continuous flow systems that make up to 150,000 liters per day. Their domestic model is partially a fuel pump, allowing you to directly fuel your vehicle. They also make oil-extraction equipment for feedstock.

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