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Biodiesel Processors in USA

State: CA, CO, IN, MT, NJ, NY, OK, TX, WA
Country: Germany, Sweden, UK, USA, Ukraine
  • Biodiesel Technologies International

    Biodiesel Technology International makes medium scale biodiesel processors, capable of making from 20 to 80 gallons in 8 hours. Their systems come with industrial grade pumps, digital controls, and custom steel stand. They also have replacement filters and settling/washing vessels of many sizes.
    State: NY
  • Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol Corporation

    Circle Biodiesel and Ethanol makes large scale biodiesel processors, able to make 450 gallons per batch up to one million gallons a year. Their systems come with explosion proof wiring, transesterification unit, premixing catalyst container, methanol recovery system, centrifuge, and filtration units.
    San Marcos
    State: CA
  • Evolution Biodiesel

    Evolution Biodiesel makes biodiesel processors for the production of anywhere from 24 to 230 gallons of biofuel in an 8 to 14 hour time period. Their systems have a mist water wash system, waste oil pre-filtering station, industrial strength stand, and methanol hand pump. They also have safety kits available.
    State: TX
  • Extreme Biodiesel

    Extreme-Biodiesel makes several biodiesel processors that make from 40 gallons in a day to 600 gallon a day systems, as well as waterless purification systems that work in 1, 2, or 5 hours. They also have titration kits, 110v dispensing pumps, collection pumps, additives, fueling stations, and test kits.
    State: CA
  • Summit Enterprises

    Summit Enterprises makes 20 to 400 gallon biodiesel processors as well as do it yourself kits for 40 and 80 gallon processors, and industrial grade biodiesel plants for large scale production. Additionally they also make dry wash systems, titration kits, scales, and other accessories available.
    Grand Junction
    State: CO
  • BioFuels Equipment, LLC.

    BioFuels Equipment LLC makes biodiesel processors for home and small commercial use from 75 to 150 gallons as well as a 4 gallon home biodiesel starter kit. They sell some models with an additional drywash system as well as standalone drywash systems, methanol recovery systems, and pressing oil.
    State: IN
  • Montana Biodiesel Products

    Montana BioDiesel Products makes a domestic use 40 gallon biodiesel processor with an optional dry wash system to speed up production time. This system comes with a 15 gallon full draining cone bottom methoxide tank, methoxide mixing system, oil collection guide, 12 foot hose with fuel pump and 10 micron see through filter.
    State: MT
  • Olympia Green Fuels

    Olympia Green Fuels makes the Pelly Model A5 biodiesel processor, a large scale commercial reactor with the ability to process 500,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of vegetable oil into biofuel per year. This system is full enclosed and sealed so no fumes or vapors will escape and also is easy and predictable to maintain and operate.
    State: WA
  • Orbitek

    Orbitek offers full turnkey solutions to biodiesel production including design, construction, start-up, and maintenance services. Their installations are based on their BPU400, which processes 480 gallons per hour, which is four million gallons a year, operating on multiple feedstocks. The biofuel produced meets ASTM and EN standards.
    State: OK
  • Springboard Biodiesel

    Springboard Diesel makes the BioPro biodiesel processors which can make 150, 190, and 380 gallons per batch as well as the SpringPro T76 drywash system. These processors work on multiple feedstocks and make biofuel in accordance with ASTM D6751.
    State: CA
  • Pacific Natural

    Pacific Natural makes mobile biodiesel processors for commercial use as well as standard in place models for large scale use. They also have oil presses, titration kits, filters, gear pumps, mixers, and methanol preparation equipment.
    Studio City
    State: CA
  • Wintek Corporation

    Wintek Corporation makes several biodiesel systems for large scale biofuel production including flash evaporators, dehydrators, methanol recovery, soil vapor extractors, and solvent recovery systems. They also have vacuum pumps available including liquid ring, rotary vane, and dry types.
    State: NJ
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