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  • John Gillis Cabinetry Inc

    John Gillis Cabinetry is a custom cabinetry company. Cabinets are made from such wood as solid White Oak, reclaimed and recycled, from such suppliers as Restoration Timber who specializes in deconstructing structures that are hundreds of years old and reclaiming wood for flooring, cabinets and trim. John Gillis Cabinetry is part of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody (COC) pool of certified businesses making FSC Certified material available for consumer choice.
    Tupper Lake
    State: NY
  • Purekitchen

    Purekitchen has been manufacturing locally-made, non-toxic, and responsibly-sourced kitchen cabinets since 2004. Combining the efficiency and simplicity of modular European design with the quality and cost advantages of an American-made cabinet. The result is a versatile design system that balances beauty, sustainability, and value.

    State: NY
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