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State: BC, FL, IA, MN, OR, QC, WI
Country: Canada, USA
  • Seaco Marine Inc

    Seaco Marine Inc. manufactures environmentally friendly dock kits.  A modular systems allows for a variety of dock configurations and permits expansion of dock space as required.  Manufactured from molded, recycled polyethylene plastic, Seaco floats provide a lightweight buoyant base for docks and swim rafts.
    Oak Bluff
    State: MN
  • Candock

    Candock manufactures environmentally friendly docks.  Their docks are made of a high quality resin that is a 100% recyclable and will not degrade in the environment.  It is also resistant to a large number of chemicals.  Their docks have a low profile on the water and colors that blend easily into the environment.
    State: QC
  • Enviro Float Manufacturing

    Enviro Float Manufacturing offers an environmentally friendly alternative flotation dock system.  Enviro Float uses high density polyethylene plastic wrapped E.P.S. foam flotation billets.  They are durable, long lasting and can be adapted for any project.  Enviro Float Manufacturing has the ability to make foam billets and flotation devices in any dimension or length that you require.
    State: BC
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