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State: BC, FL, IA, MN, OR, QC, WI
Country: Canada, USA
  • RENEW Plastics

    Renew Plastics sells environmentally friendly dock material made by EVOLVE.  This durable material holds up against all kinds of water, boating and outdoor wear. It resists UV damage and defends against scratches, stains, mold, mildew, salt and chemical scars.  This 100% plastic product is made primarily of post-industrial waste, is fully recyclable and a slip-resistant alternative to wood and composite products. 
    State: WI
  • Northwest Docks

    Northwest Docks builds and installs aluminum docks, slips, swim ladders, boat lifts and whip cleats to your specifications.  Whether your site has drastic water level changes, current, waves, wind or tricky terrain, your dock will be built to stand up to weather, water and use.  Northwest Docks solutions provide a stable float system with the reliability, safety, accessibility, and value you expect.
    State: OR
  • Green Heron Docks

    Green Heron Docks is the originators of the green Machine.  It is a no touch dock construction system, operating with the totally piling supported principle.  No machines in the marsh or shallows, nothing dragged through or men in the marsh or river making it an environmentally friendly dock construction method.
    State: FL
  • Connect-A-Dock Inc

    Connect-A-Dock manufactures eco-friendly dock material.  Both the 1000 Series-Low Profile and 2000 Series-High Profile docks are rotationally molded from polyethylene and have no polystyrene beads or chromated copper arsenate making them environmentally friendly.  Cleaning the docks is simply done with a garden hose and wisk broom so no harsh chemicals are needed.
    State: IA
  • Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls

    Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls manufactures recycled plastic dock timbers and lumber for the ulimate in durability, safety and appearances.

    Iowa Falls
    State: IA
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