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  • Brumark

    Brumark manufactures environmental, sustainable, natural flooring products like bamboo, renewable cork, sisal, wood and sea grass.  Recyclable interlocking carpet tiles and recycled rubber flooring in both tiles and rolls are also available.

    State: GA
  • Earth Weave

    Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc. manufactures and promotes renewable resource floor covering products.  Their Bio-Floor carpet product is made with a face fiber of 100% natural wool and is completely biodegradable.  They also use a natural primary of hemp and cotton, instead of synthetic polypropylene primary.
    State: GA
  • Godfrey Hirst

    Godfrey Hirst produces wool tufted carpets both for Australia and the world. Godfrey Hirst has made strides in the carpet industry by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and becoming an active member of Greenhouse Challenge Plus, a joint voluntary initiative between the Australian Government and industry to reduce gas, waste and electricity consumption.

    South Geelong 3220
  • Karastan

    Karastan is the largest processor of wool carpets and rugs in America. They are also the largest user of New Zealand wool—the cleanest, whitest wool in the world. Karastan remains committed to sustainable ingredients, preserving natural resources, and repurposing excess materials.
    State: GA
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