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  • ECO Surfaces

    ECOsurfaces flooring is an environmentally sustainable designed flooring company using post-consumer material salvaged from America’s landfills, recycled rubber tires, and mix in color made from pre-consumer waste. The two are then bound with a water-based polymer to create environmentally savvy commercial flooring in a selection of 70 patterns and colors.
    State: PA
  • Gerbert Limited

    Gerbert Ltd. is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Polyflor homogeneous vinyl floors, sheet vinyl flooring, LVT, and slip-resistant safety floors; ECOsurfaces environmentally-friendly recycled rubber flooring and indoor-outdoor modular floors; Cork flooring tiles, floating floor, and cork underlayment; and Rexcourt multi-purpose flooring.
    State: PA
  • Mondo

    Mondo manufactures the most consistent, durable, and environmentally safe track available on the market. Made from rubber and LEED certified, Mondo tracks have been the official track supplier of the last eight Olympic Games including Athens in 2004.
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