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Bird Control in California

State: CA, DE, FL, IL, OR, TX
Country: Australia, Israel, UK, US, USA
  • Hot Foot America

    Manufacturer offering a range of bird control products. These products include repellent gels that work by creating a sitck sensation that birds dislike instead of a burning or irritation sensation. Various products are available to prevent landing and roosting including spikes, netting and wire systems that are effective at keeping larger birds such as pigeons or gull from landing in undesired locations. Electric shock systems prevent birds from landing with a mild shock that is harmless to them. And lastly these are chemical disinfectants available to clean up bird landing areas.  
    State: CA
  • PiGNX

    PiGNX is the world's first EPA Registered Bio-Repellent for Birds. PiGNX is appied to areas where birds are roosting or nesting. When the bird gets the product on their bodies the Capsaicin (chili pepper) active ingredient irritates the birds to the point where they will leave the site. PiGNX works every time it is applied and is completely safe for the birds as well as to for the applicator.

    State: ID
  • Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

    Bird-B-Gone Inc, is the worlds leading manufacturer and distributor of  bird control products. Bird-B-Gone is the #1 specified bird control company by Architects and Government Agencies. Since 1992, we have worked closely with Architects, Engineers and Contractors both in the design and implementation of effective, humane and cost efficient bird control solutions. To learn more about our complete line of professional bird deterrents.

    Mission Viejo
    State: CA
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