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Bird Control in Oregon

State: CA, DE, FL, IL, OR, TX
Country: Australia, Israel, UK, US, USA
  • Bird Gard, LLC

    Manufacturer offering electronic bird control products. These products utilize digital recordings of  bird distress and predator calls as well as annoying electronic harassment sounds to repel birds. Each system includes the noise generating unit, internal or external speakers and a weatherproof enclosure. Some systems have built in amplifiers and several external speakers to cover larger distances. The smallest system cover 1.5 acres of land while the largest will cover up to 30 acres.  
    State: OR
  • Good Life Bird Control

    Distributor offering bird control products. These include electronic bird control products from Bird-X and Bird Gard that rely on sounds of distressed birds or predators or the soundwaves themselves to repel birds. Also visual cues meant to scare birds by imitating predators. To prevent roosting and landing, Bird-X's line of bird spikes and netting are offered. Taste and smell repellents are also available.
    State: OR
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