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Solar Heating Equipment in USA

State: CA, FL, IL, NY
Country: China, India, USA
  • Harpiris Energy

    Harpiris Energy manufactures the SunCache solar water system.  The SunCache has been OG-300 certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation.  This is a system for residential locations in the sunbelt locations. 
    Corral de Tierra
    State: CA
  • US Solar Heating

    US Solar Heating is a manufacturer of solar air heat systems for residential and commercial customers in the US and Europe. Their system uses air as the working fluid for absorbing and transferring solar energy. Solar air heat is designed for installation in remodeling, new construction and existing houses.
    State: IL
  • Heliodyne

    Heliodyne manufactures solar heating systems.  They offer solar water heating for cold climate and warm climate.  Heliodyne has a solar pool heating system, designed to be installed in any region for indoor and outdoor use. Heliodyne also offers a solar  water and space heating combination system.  With the combined approach, any heat not used for hot water consumption is automatically diverted for space heating.
    State: CA
  • SunEarth

    SunEarth Inc. manufactures solar flat plate collectors.  They offer 4 different models to suit your needs, Empire, SunWise, SunBurst and a model for pools called the Oasis.  SunEarth manufactures standard  absorbers in five sizes, custom replacement plates, and OEM absorbers to specification.
    State: CA
  • SolarWall

    Solar Wall manufactures solar wall heating systems.  The system uses the sun's energy to pre-heat ventilation air for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural buildings as well as crop and drying processes.  The system substantially reduces heating costs in a building integrates system.  It requires no maintenance and has a lifespan of over 30 years.
    State: NY
  • Silicon Solar

    Silicon Solar manufactures solar products such as evacuated tube and flat plate collector panels, solar water heaters, photovoltaic solar cells, commercial lighting, landscape lighting, fountains and pumps and more.  Silicon Solar designed the SunMaxx prepackaged solar water heater and is used for domestic hot water applications for households of 2 to 6 people.  Silicon Solar offers several different kits as well as accessories.
    State: NY
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