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Solar Heating Equipment in California

State: CA, FL, IL, NY
Country: China, India, USA
  • Harpiris Energy

    Harpiris Energy manufactures the SunCache solar water system.  The SunCache has been OG-300 certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation.  This is a system for residential locations in the sunbelt locations. 
    Corral de Tierra
    State: CA
  • Heliodyne

    Heliodyne manufactures solar heating systems.  They offer solar water heating for cold climate and warm climate.  Heliodyne has a solar pool heating system, designed to be installed in any region for indoor and outdoor use. Heliodyne also offers a solar  water and space heating combination system.  With the combined approach, any heat not used for hot water consumption is automatically diverted for space heating.
    State: CA
  • SunEarth

    SunEarth Inc. manufactures solar flat plate collectors.  They offer 4 different models to suit your needs, Empire, SunWise, SunBurst and a model for pools called the Oasis.  SunEarth manufactures standard  absorbers in five sizes, custom replacement plates, and OEM absorbers to specification.
    State: CA
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