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Recycled Wood & Reclaimed Wood Products in USA

State: AL, BC, CA, CO, CT, ID, MN, MO, NC, NM, NY, OR, PA, TX, UT, VA, WI
Country: Canada, USA
  • Tobacco Pine Reclaimed Timber

    We provide high quality antique reclaimed wood products that add character to the home or business, while being affordable to the average American. At the same time, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment with minimally invasive deconstruction techniques and waste disposal.
    State: NC
  • Old Barn Reclaimed Wood & Antique Flooring, LLC

    Old Barn Reclaimed Wood & Antique Flooring provides customers with high quality affordable reclaimed wood, antique flooring, and antique wood beams. Through Old Barn Reclaimed Wood, you can find a wide-array of vintage wood products, ranging from weathered beams and reclaimed wood paneling, to barn wood, custom furniture and antique flooring. Our belief is simple: nothing matches the appeal and beauty of reclaimed wood. Our vintage wood products have been specially chosen for their character and quality. Old Barn Reclaimed Wood is a family owned business that puts “old fashioned” values like honesty and integrity above everything else. We strive to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their reclaimed wood purchase. In the case you are not completely satisfied with your wood, all of our antique wood has a 30-day guarantee. From our perspective, this is just smart and savvy business. After all, if you’re happy, you’ll come back to us again and again… again..
    State: AL
  • La Puerta Originals

    Using reclaimed and antique wood and non-toxic, sustainable techniques, we create custom exterior doors, handcrafted interior doors, rustic and contemporary furniture, wooden gates, fireplace mantels, luxury kitchen cabinets, Tuscan-style accents, Santa Fe style architectural finishes.

    Santa Fe
    State: NM
  • Nordecor

    Nordecor has a line of reclaimed wood for flooring, paneling, trim, doors, hand hewn beams, siding, stairs and railing.  Reclaimed wood species include chestnut, oak, white pine, Douglas fir, and black walnut.  Nordecor is a custom millwork company focused on providing quality and unique products for homes and commercial properties.

    State: MN
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