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Recycled Wood & Reclaimed Wood Products in California

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Country: Canada, USA
  • Vintage Timberworks

    Vintage Timberworks provides recycled and seasoned old growth lumber, timber, beams and antique flooring reclaimed from the dismantling of antique structures in which it has been warehoused for up to 200 years.  Products include planking, decking, reclaimed flooring, mantles, millwork stock and salvage hardware.  Vintage Timberworks products are certified 100% recycled by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Products are eligible for the MR4 credit (materials reuse) for clients interested in acquiring Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification administered by the US Green Building Council."
    State: CA
  • Crossroads Recycled Lumber

    Cross Roads Recycled Lumber, LLC produces reclaimed wood products including timbers, wood flooring, siding, paneling, doors, old barn wood, boat lumber, countertop slabs and antique wood mantel pieces.
    North Fork
    State: CA
  • Black's Farmwood

    Black's Farmwood produces reclaimed wood for wide plank wood flooring, rustic paneling, weathered barn siding, antique wood beams and more.
  • Heritage Salvage

    Heritage Salvage provides green building supplies, vintage lumber and furniture made from recycled wood.  Products include flooring, doors, windows and building materials.  Woods include reclaimed redwood, fir, oak, cedar, eastern white pine, driftwood and recycled stone.
    State: CA
  • Pacific Heritage Wood

    Pacific Heritage Wood produced recycled redwood, douglas fir and other woods milled to order for architects, builders, artists and craftpersons.  Products include siding, molding, paneling and flooring.
    El Granada
    State: CA
  • North Cal Wood Products

    North Cal is a supplier of reclaimed and recycled woods, specializing in redwood, douglas fir and Western red cedar lumber products. The reclaimed woods in North Cal's inventory come from a variety of sources, generally buildings over 100 years old. North Cal is FSC certified and their reclaimed and recycled wood products are eligible for LEED credits.

    State: CA
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