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Recycled Wood & Reclaimed Wood Products in Pennsylvania

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  • U.S. Recycled Wood Products

    U.S. Recycled Wood Products produces alternative wood brick fuel made from kiln dried wood waste.  This product is a convenient alternative to traditional firewood, as they are bug and dirt free and can be stored inside the home.  U.S. Recycled Wood Products' wood bricks are a “carbon neutral” fuel, thereby no additional carbon dioxide is released to the atmosphere, above the normal amount during decay.
    State: PA
  • Aged Woods, Inc

    Aged Woods® reclaimed wood flooring is re-milled from recycled wood salvaged from old un-used barns. A kiln-drying/heat treating process before milling assures a stable, bug-free floor. The look of a reclaimed Aged Woods® floor is the natural result of a century or two of weathering and the signs of old-time craftsmen. Our reclaimed and recycled hardwood floors are the sustainable choice to add unique and authentic rustic character to residences, retail stores, restaurants, casinos, country clubs, etc.

    State: PA
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