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Eco Roofing in Georgia

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  • Energy Seal Coatings

    Energy Seal Coatings makes several green roofing products including coatings, primers, caulks, and other related products which are designed to offer maximum solar reflectance. Their products are Energy Star and CRRC rated for the best Cool Roof you could get.
  • Lexis Coatings

    Lexis makes several green roof coatings and sealants for waterproofing including Butyl Rubber Coating, Aromatic Polyurethane coating, and Silicone Elastomeric coating. Energy star rated.
  • Nations Roof Solutions

    Nations Roof offers green roofing solutions in the form of Cool Roofs (reflective), garden roofs, and solar roofs. Their Cool Roofs are made of a reflective single-ply membrane, their garden roofs provide stormwater management and energy efficiency, and their solar roofs help you make your own energy.
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