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Eco Roofing in Ohio

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  • Hydrotech, Inc.

    Hydrotech makes green garden roofs which are sustainable and allow great usage of stormwater, in addition to improving the building's energy efficiency. Their vegetative roofs include extensive style, sloped, shallow-intensive, and intensive for those roofs which will receive regular maintenance.
  • Sheffield Metals

    Sheffield Materials makes sustainable roofing products including COOLR, which is highly reflective, meeting Energy Star requirements and made of recycled content and is recyclable as well as solar roofing panels with photovoltaics (BIPV) which cuts energy costs. The products offered by Sheffield Materials can help you achieve a LEED certification.
  • Tremco

    Tremco offers several sustainable roofing solutions, including some listed in the CRRC directory such as one coat aluminum and Polarcote FR, Energy Star rated products including Gravel Surfaces systems and All White modified Bitumen systems, and other products which can allow your building to attain a LEED certification. Tremco also offers green vegetative roofing and photovoltaic systems for solar roofing.
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