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Eco Roofing in Pennsylvania

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  • Atlas Roofing

    Atlas manufactures "Green Polyiso" insulation materials for a variety of different building applications, including low slope roofing systems, sheathing for residential side walls, cavity wall for residential and commercial applications and nailable roofing systems. The Atlas line of ACFoam® polyiso products consist of state-of-the-art polyiso foam with superior fire performance characteristics and the ability to retain high R-values. Many Atlas products are eligible for LEED credits.

  • Fabral

    Fabral makes Energy Star approved metal roofing products including their residential Enduracote and their architectural/commercial Kynar line. These products reflect solar energy to keep cooler and require less electricity for air conditioning.
  • Moss Acres

    Moss Acres offers green vegetative and moss roofing which is eco-friendly and requires no herbicide, pesticide or fertilizer. Their moss systems are low maintenance and require little to no watering once established. They can withstand minimal foot traffic, and is a preferred plant for any project with shade like pathways & patios, Japanese gardens, shady lawns, rock gardens, fern gardens, water features, walls and Roofs.

  • Roofscapes

    Roofmeadow offers several varieties of green vegetative roofs including flower carpets, aromatic gardens, woodland roofs, and more. In addition, design and engineering services to ensure you get the exact style you want for an eco-friendly roof.

  • CertainTeed Corporation

    CertainTeed offers eco roofing for residential, low slope, solar, and export applications. Other products include roofing insulation, adhesives, coatings, primers, edge metal, underlayments, and more.

    State: PA
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