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Eco Roofing in California

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  • Dura-Foam

    Dura-Foam makes green roof systems as well as spray foam insulation and photovoltaic solar power, including foam roofing and solar roofing. Their roofing systems qualify for Cool Roof Rebates and rebates that apply to added insulation. Construction performed by Dura-Foam is sustainable, using environmentally friendly materials, diverting landfill waste, and saving energy in other ways.
    Menlo Park
    State: CA
  • Permax

    Permax makes insulated Cool Roof Systems that are Energy Star compliant, using reflective coating and a white granule surface. These roof systems are usable on commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, whether it is a flat or steep roof, a metal deck, or a tar & gravel roof.
  • White Equals Green

    White=Green offers several sustainable green roofing solutions including their Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system, which offers high reflectivity, and their roof garden membranes which allow you to build a vegetative roof.
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