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  • Lexis Coatings

    Lexis makes several green roof coatings and sealants for waterproofing including Butyl Rubber Coating, Aromatic Polyurethane coating, and Silicone Elastomeric coating. Energy star rated.
  • Moss Acres

    Moss Acres offers green vegetative and moss roofing which is eco-friendly and requires no herbicide, pesticide or fertilizer. Their moss systems are low maintenance and require little to no watering once established. They can withstand minimal foot traffic, and is a preferred plant for any project with shade like pathways & patios, Japanese gardens, shady lawns, rock gardens, fern gardens, water features, walls and Roofs.

  • Nations Roof Solutions

    Nations Roof offers green roofing solutions in the form of Cool Roofs (reflective), garden roofs, and solar roofs. Their Cool Roofs are made of a reflective single-ply membrane, their garden roofs provide stormwater management and energy efficiency, and their solar roofs help you make your own energy.
  • OKSolar

    OkSolar makes photovoltaic shingles which generate clean solar energy, allowing you to save money and be environmentally and energy friendly by making and using your own energy, leading to lower electric bills, pollution free power, and an increased home value.
  • Permax

    Permax makes insulated Cool Roof Systems that are Energy Star compliant, using reflective coating and a white granule surface. These roof systems are usable on commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, whether it is a flat or steep roof, a metal deck, or a tar & gravel roof.
  • Pfister Roofing

    Pfister Roofing is a roofing design and installation company, and are an Energy Star partner. Pfister works on industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings as well as residential and high rise buildings.
  • Preferred Roofing

    Preferred Roofing offers Energy Star rated sustainable roofing installations for Cool Roofs, which can reduce air conditioning bills, increase roof durability, and lower surrounding air temperature.

  • Roofscapes

    Roofmeadow offers several varieties of green vegetative roofs including flower carpets, aromatic gardens, woodland roofs, and more. In addition, design and engineering services to ensure you get the exact style you want for an eco-friendly roof.

  • Sarnafil

    Sika Sarnafil offers Cool Roofs for LEED certified buildings, sustainable vegetative green roofs, Energy Star rated roof membranes with applicable reflectance, and solar electric roofing to allow you to reduce your energy costs while you make your own electricity.

  • Sheffield Metals

    Sheffield Materials makes sustainable roofing products including COOLR, which is highly reflective, meeting Energy Star requirements and made of recycled content and is recyclable as well as solar roofing panels with photovoltaics (BIPV) which cuts energy costs. The products offered by Sheffield Materials can help you achieve a LEED certification.
  • TerraFirm Enterprises

    TerraFirm Enterprises can help your building toward LEED certification through their green vegetative roofing solutions, leading to a sustainable building. Their environmentally friendly green roofs are made of 100% recycled plastics providing for great storm water drainage as well as a low maintenance fix for your roof.
  • White Equals Green

    White=Green offers several sustainable green roofing solutions including their Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system, which offers high reflectivity, and their roof garden membranes which allow you to build a vegetative roof.
  • WDG System 14

    WDG makes System 14, a group of silicon roofing products that features a zero VOC coating which is applied over a soy-based SPF for a moisture resistant seal.
  • Owens Corning

    Owens Corning makes Duration Premium Cool shingles which meet initial solar reflectance requirements of .25 for their Energy Star rating, and offers wind resistance up to 130mph and is a laminated shingle.
  • CertainTeed Corporation

    CertainTeed offers eco roofing for residential, low slope, solar, and export applications. Other products include roofing insulation, adhesives, coatings, primers, edge metal, underlayments, and more.

    State: PA
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