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  • Zero Energy Design

    The ZeroEnergy Design (ZED) architecture practice creates innovative and environmentally sensible homes and residential buildings. The distinct union of great design and energy performance is enabled by a multidisciplinary team whose expertise spans architecture, mechanical engineering and finance.  This integrated design approach makes ZED uniquely equipped to originate designs that are tailored to each client's requirements, environmental ideology, and unique sense of style.

  • Michael Heacock

    Michael Heacock and Associates offers design and consulting services for a variety of applications including high-performance buildings, energy conservation, renewable energy, green materials, green building and LEED consulting services.
  • Sustainable Design Consulting

    Sustainable Design Consulting offers a variety of consulting services including green building technical consulting, sustainable design assessment, LEED Green Building Rating System services, LEED advisory services and green building and operation guideline development. SDC also offers lectures, workshops and training.
  • Sustainable By Design

    Sustainable By Design is a Seattle based consulting firm that provides solar engineering, green building consulting, graphic design, and web site design and programming services, primarily within the sustainable energy and architecture fields.
  • Bennington/Conover & Associates

    Bennington/Conover & Associates is a green design firm which offers environmental construction project management services and design consulting, build towards a LEED certification including registering with the USGBC, and further green services.
  • The Alexander Group

    The Alexander Group provides green building design and renovation services with experience including the LEED Homes certification process, net zero energy homes, and deconstruction allowing recycling to be separated from trash as well as using low or no VOC products, passive solar design concepts, and high efficiency HVAC systems.
  • Greenworks Studio

    Greenworks Studio offers sustainable design services for buildings including LEED design, CHPS consulting, and systems modeling for energy systems, storm water management, passive solar systems, and natural ventilation.
  • Common Sense Design

    Common Sense Design offers architectural design including green building consulting such as strategies, systems, and meterials. They work to minimize waste as well as use local materials to keep the construction of buildings as eco-friendly as possible.
  • Teiki-Techture

    From furniture to shelter, Teiki-Techture brings a legacy of green design to residential building with over 20 years of architectural experience.
  • Archaeo Architects

    Archaeo Architects is an award-winning architect firm located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We have worked with clients regionally, nationally and internationally building unique, contemporary and tradition green homes that honor building space and the universal order found in ancient buildings and architecture.


    Santa Fe
    State: NM
  • Gerding Collaborative

    Gerding Collaborative is design firm specializing in architecture, interior design with emphasis on environmental stewardship. Our design strategies carefully consider the needs and requirements of our client, the building’s future occupants, the project’s relationship to the existing environment, and efficient use of space and material. The concepts of Human Culture, Environmental Conservation, and Economic Appropriateness form a triangle of planning principles that guide our design approach.

    State: GA
  • Zachary Nathan Architect

    Zachary Nathan Architect is a USGBC member that provides sustainable design and planning services to institutional, corporate and private clients. Working closely with the client, we seek enduring, sustainable and creative solutions that respond to the client’s budget, program and schedule while delighting the senses. Recent work includes residential, internet related offices, restaurant, theatre and educational projects.
    San Francisco
    State: CA
  • Goshen Timber Frames

    Designing and building energy efficient, sustainable timber frame and hybrid homes nationwide.

    State: NC
  • Main Street Power Co.

    Main Street Power Company is a provider of various consulting and engineering services to support public sector and non-profit entities including K-12 and higher education facilities, public housing authorities, and non-profits. Main Street Power's goal is to help these entities achieve social development through the deployment of solar energy.

    State: CO
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