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  • Building Solutions Group

    Building Solutions Group is a member of the US Green Building Council and employs LEED certified professionals. As an engineering design and consulting firm they offer mechanical, plumbing, electrical and telecommunication systems engineering for educational facilities, institutions, corporate offices, health care facilities, retail, and performing arts.
  • LPA

    LPA is a design firm located in California, providing professional services in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, planning, engineering, graphics/signage, and interior design. Offers expertise in sustainable design and the LEED® Certification process, LPA typically provides all of the required services for LEED® submittal and documentation to the USGBC for certification.
  • Moore Design Group

    Moore Design Group provides wide range of design and liaison services between architects, contractors, craftsmen and installers. Offers green ecologically sustainable design services.
  • PE Consulting

    PE Consulting is a multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting firm that provides sustainable, energy and resource efficient solutions. Serves a wide range of clientele ranging from medium sized businesses and municipalities to fortune 50 conglomerates and the US government.
  • Rumsey Engineers

    Rumsey Engineers specializes in the design of simple, elegant, cost-effective HVAC systems for critical and green building environments. Provides businesses and utilities with comprehensive analyses of installations that help prioritize their energy saving potential.
  • Tetra Tech

    Tetra Tech provides responsible resource management and sustainable infrastructure services that encompass the full life cycle of solutions. Provide services for drainage and flood control projects and major water and wastewater treatment and conveyance infrastructure.
  • Todd Jersey Architecture

    Todd Jersey Architecture offers sustainable design principles and strategies. Provides a full suite of green architectural services including smart, cost-effective design solutions, LEED administration and use of the latest green products and technologies. Excels at creating buildings that employ solar energy, use earth-friendly materials, and provide unmatched comfort and beauty at prices competitive with lower-performing conventional buildings.
  • Michael Heacock

    Michael Heacock and Associates offers design and consulting services for a variety of applications including high-performance buildings, energy conservation, renewable energy, green materials, green building and LEED consulting services.
  • Zachary Nathan Architect

    Zachary Nathan Architect is a USGBC member that provides sustainable design and planning services to institutional, corporate and private clients. Working closely with the client, we seek enduring, sustainable and creative solutions that respond to the client’s budget, program and schedule while delighting the senses. Recent work includes residential, internet related offices, restaurant, theatre and educational projects.
    San Francisco
    State: CA
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