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  • Ikan

    Ikan sustainable green building consultants work directly with owners, architects, engineers, and other real-estate professionals to integrate quality, and exceptional performance into specific building projects. Building design considers, client wants & needs, conservation of energy, healthy materials & indoor air quality, conservation natural resources, building form & function and most importantly client security during design, construction and throughout the occupancy of the establishment.
  • Larsen Engineers

    Larsen Engineers provides design services that include cost reduction, pollution prevention, and implement sustainable green design to meet "Green and Clean" requirements under LEED Certifications.
  • Turner Engineering

    Designs HVAC and lighting systems that substantially exceed the New York State Energy Code. Provides high-efficiency systems, green plumbing design, geothermal HVAC systems, heat recovery systems, demand control ventilation and lighting control systems. Also designs systems for daylight harvesting, automatic lighting control, and rainwater catchment to minimize potable water usage.
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