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  • Architectural & Environmental Associates

    AEA is a green design and construction, architectural and environmental firm with over 20 years of experience providing all phases of Indoor Air Quality testing and remediation. AEA are contractors (ROC 172093) for general residential and light commercial and (ROC 228336) for designing and constructing solar and wind electric generating systems. AEA is in the National Pilot Program for the U.S. Green Building Council LEED™ for Homes program, currently working on completion of a Platinum rated home.The AEA staff is a combination of building construction, design and safety specialists with environmental engineers and biologists.
  • Catalyst Architecture

    With LEED™ certified principals Catalyst Architecture offers experienced LEED™ project design, as well as professional consultation services for both private and public developers seeking a US Green Building Council LEED™ certification.
  • Green Ideas

    Green Ideas provides consulting and educational services in the field of Green Building. Services for building and business owners, architects, engineers, contractors, utility companies, green product manufacturers and other companies interested in creating business advantages through sustainability. Offers LEED project management, Corporate Sustainabilty Planning, Renewable Energy Systems Analysis and many other services.
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