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  • Brite Engineering Consultants

    Brite engineering consulting services provides among its expertise LEED engineering consulting. And has LEED accredited consultant engineers on staff. Brite has experience working on projects receiving LEED Platinum certification. A member of the US Green Building Council, the Brite firm is prepared to consult construction and renovation projects.
  • Carlton Architecture

    Carlton Architecture is a full service architectural firm. As part of their sustainability efforts Carlton implements use of local and low maintenance materials, energy saving construction methods and technologies. Carlton Architecture's affiliations include USGBC's LEED for homes, Energy Star, Blue Ridge Biofuels, NC Green Power, the Western North Carolina Green Building Council and they have adopted the Architecture 2030 Challenge that states by 2030 all new buildings shall be carbon-neutral.

  • Goshen Timber Frames

    Designing and building energy efficient, sustainable timber frame and hybrid homes nationwide.

    State: NC
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